Saturday, April 28, 2012

silkyblue flower hairband

another flower hairband i made, i love this blue silky fabric, it's fun and easy to make
so i thought i'd share it with you how to make them

what you'll need:

1. 8 circles in varying sizes of fabrics ( you can also make different texture to make it a FUN HEADBAND)
2..Make your largest circle in about 3 inches, no need to be perfect circles okay?

3.Needle Thread and Beads



6.Stack the circles from largest to smallest, with your needle and thread, and make an x stitch in d middle of the flower

7.Fold your stack in half and make a stitch  to baste stitch through the bottom layer around the center of the circle.

8.Pull the thread tight to scrunch up the flower, sew a bead in the center any color of beads you like

9.Sew your flower in the headband . you can also hot glue the flower to the headband

enjoy making flower!

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