Monday, April 30, 2012

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first time in school

i enrolled my son in a toddler  summer school program near our brgy that we live in, and he had only 10 classmates, he was happy with the numbers of educational toys there.

he was visibly adjusting and adapting to the new learning environment during his first whole weeks
this morning being the third weeks of class he was getting the hang of it, he knew when to go to school even saturday he asked me "mommy we go to school" :))

although he gets a little bored when talking about shapes, colors numbers and abc's, since he already familiar with shapes like cresent and basic shapes..

he looks bored already :))

we'll see how the next day  will be for mathieux schooling

in the mean time we have a great weekend!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Morning routin-out of pajama

the other day my toddler woke up at 2:30 am shake me and whisper " mommy i want to pee", i generally woke up my husband to get out of bed. so he went to get him, and i fell back asleep.. because my son slept beside me, a mins later i find him naked butt right in front of me,  he always do this to get out of his pajama,

so there he was, wiggling and snuggling beside me, beacause it's too early i told him to get more sleep.
before he went to sleep there's a lot of chat and about the day and more min after his eyes are half close while hugging me until he falls asleep. that's the comfort he want during the night.

silkyblue flower hairband

another flower hairband i made, i love this blue silky fabric, it's fun and easy to make
so i thought i'd share it with you how to make them

what you'll need:

1. 8 circles in varying sizes of fabrics ( you can also make different texture to make it a FUN HEADBAND)
2..Make your largest circle in about 3 inches, no need to be perfect circles okay?

3.Needle Thread and Beads



6.Stack the circles from largest to smallest, with your needle and thread, and make an x stitch in d middle of the flower

7.Fold your stack in half and make a stitch  to baste stitch through the bottom layer around the center of the circle.

8.Pull the thread tight to scrunch up the flower, sew a bead in the center any color of beads you like

9.Sew your flower in the headband . you can also hot glue the flower to the headband

enjoy making flower!

baby boots

aren't these super cute baby boots?

this is another design i made, im searching for some baby boots on net and they are too expensive
so why buy when you could make one? it is cozy and comfortable for the baby skin because there is no internal seams and ridges that could rub the tiny feet.

this pair of cotton booties featured cute and super soft i also put a handmade burnt flower on each side
and cotton tie each, to make sure that the boots will not come off, these are machine washable.

 look how cute it is when she wears it!

good day everyone!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Chuchai on her 8 months

these past weeks she is very busy with her hands reaching up for something, moving constantly and she can handle objects perfecting her skill of using her index finger as a tool to push the part of toys, she sometimes grab one a put in her mouth!

chuchai at 8 months on the move! she eat a lot now, i tried feeding her food like rice with vege(or gulay bulanglang in filipino), whole grain crackers, bread, cooked pasta and she's eating it!  she's a foodie!

im also enjoying watching her hands to pass toy back and fort and shake and bang them :)) she'll grab any interesting object like tv remote, and once she grip it she want to sample it by putting in her mouth! tadah!

she was an early crawler she now move on to standing she is pulling herself up to something to get upright.
she practices consonant vowel combination like "ADADADA" " AMAMAMA" and "TATATA"

im proud of you my little chuchai :*

happy weekend!