Friday, April 27, 2012

Chuchai on her 8 months

these past weeks she is very busy with her hands reaching up for something, moving constantly and she can handle objects perfecting her skill of using her index finger as a tool to push the part of toys, she sometimes grab one a put in her mouth!

chuchai at 8 months on the move! she eat a lot now, i tried feeding her food like rice with vege(or gulay bulanglang in filipino), whole grain crackers, bread, cooked pasta and she's eating it!  she's a foodie!

im also enjoying watching her hands to pass toy back and fort and shake and bang them :)) she'll grab any interesting object like tv remote, and once she grip it she want to sample it by putting in her mouth! tadah!

she was an early crawler she now move on to standing she is pulling herself up to something to get upright.
she practices consonant vowel combination like "ADADADA" " AMAMAMA" and "TATATA"

im proud of you my little chuchai :*

happy weekend!

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